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Uchikura and Co. LLC is a privately owned company located in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Founded in 2003 by Kenichi Uchikura, the company focuses on innovation, experimentation, and research in the technology and publishing industries.


The company operates with a lean and agile framework, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration of new ideas. Its primary focus is on technology, with an emphasis on cloud computing, web development, and e-commerce. Uchikura and Co. LLC offers various products and services in these areas, including website development and hosting, e-commerce solutions, and cloud-based storage and backup solutions.


In addition, Uchikura and Co. LLC serves as an experimental research company for Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. The company explores new ideas and technologies that the parent company may not have the resources or expertise to pursue. It operates with a high degree of independence, allowing it to explore new concepts and technologies without being bound by the constraints of the parent company.


Uchikura and Co. LLC generates revenue through various channels, such as the sale of its products and services, licensing fees for its intellectual property, or through partnerships with other companies in related industries. As a small company focused on innovation, it may also rely on funding from venture capitalists or other sources to support its research and development efforts.


Overall, Uchikura and Co. LLC is dedicated to innovation and experimentation in the technology and publishing industries. Its goal is to develop new and valuable offerings that can benefit both the company and its customers, while also serving as an experimental research arm for Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.